Founded and based in San Francisco, Luxe is a new service that sends valets to park for you, wherever you are - it’s fast, affordable and convenient.

Download it now and let us do the parking.

With a veteran team of product, engineering, and operations leaders from Tesla, Google, Zynga, Yahoo! and Groupon, a fleet of prescreened, friendly valets, dozens of insured, secure parking lots, and a sophisticated technology platform that monitors every step of the process from drop-off to pick-up, Luxe is leading the charge on a new industry of on demand services that address a ubiquitous urban challenge: finding a parking spot.

Currently Servicing
Cities across the United States

Our Investors

Luxe Partners

Luxe is proud to be working with local businesses to give their customers a parking spot in front, every time they visit. Our partners include:

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